The key word in relation to Susan Tomelty's singing workshops is fun. The relaxed atmosphere helps to overcome the initial nerves of starting to sing. Starting to sing can be a bit daunting but I found Susan's approach very useful. First there is a good vocal warm up. Something I didn't know is the voice like any musical instrument needs to be tuned up before use. Even this in itself was a revelation to me. After this it's straight into singing. Some songs are straight forward and others a bit challenging. They vary in range from Beatles to gospel to blues. It's a mixed bag which is another fun aspect to the workshop. Susan invites ideas from the group which is great. To my mind the most attractive aspect of the workshop is that it gets you singing in a totally non judgmental environment. Susan makes it a positive experience so there are no eyes raised to heaven when wrong notes are sung. She laughs that wonderful laugh of hers helps you in the nicest way. Do one of Susan's workshops. Liberate yourself.

Ciaran Carney
Tallaght Workshops in Rua Red